It all started when I saw an article about the Minari back in the October 1994 issue of Which Kit? Magazine. It appeared that somebody had actually designed a kit car that looked good. I sent off for some information a few months later, then waited until -:
1. I had a garage (or a house for that matter)
2. I could afford blowing 10k on a car you had to build yourself
I did attend the Donnington Kit Car show in 1996 to have a look at the car in the flesh, but had nowhere to build one, and couldn't afford to anyway.

It was now late 1997, and for some reason I decided to phone up and obtain a new price list, when I should have been leaving the house and tavelling to Heathrow for a flight to Australia.
It transpired that Minari Engineering had handed over the sales, marketing and support to a company called Chameleon Cars, and now only focused on manufacturing the kit.
I spoke to a chap called John, who seemed very pleasant, and had a new price list sent to me for when I got back from Oz. Prices had taken a bit of a hike in the previous couple of years!

It was now August 1998, and with a child on the way I thought I had better do something quickly, or I would be waiting until said child had left home before I would get the chance to start a project like this again.
So I phoned Chameleon to arrange a visit and test drive, and went up to their garage in Solihull one damp Saturday.